What is Itineraria

Study dedicated to the development of content of informative exhibitions of companies, foundations and other organizations, to be carried out in museums, halls, interpretation centres, digital platforms or any other type of space or format. We start from the idea that it is not only a creative result that is important, but also a process of work that is enriching, innovative and in keeping with each challenge.

We focus on the conceptualization, organization and generation of creative ideas of the subject to be presented, which involves a whole process of research, analysis, organization of archive material and cataloguing.

For this we use current work tools such as SAPIENS, a methodology created by Ferran Adrià and his team at elBulliFoundation,  already proven with recognized success in different exhibitions and informative projects.

How we work


We permanently incorporate creative and work methodologies generated by leading organizations and people in the field of creativity and innovation. SAPIENS, the methodology created by Ferran Adrià and the team, is a tool that allows material to be accessed and organized in order to understand the content and information of what is to be exhibited.

It works by accessing the subject from a common lexicon, it investigates aspects such as history, classification and comparison, among others. Processes, results and consequences are also detected and analysed. With this, what is sought is to organize the information in “conceptual drawers” and then connect them, which allows a detailed look at the work and all the possible paths to develop, helping to identify the topic and the best strategy to present it.

+ about Sapiens


We work as a “laboratory – archive – exhibition”, in which the material is rigorously investigated, the material is classified and the content is connected and new ideas are put to the test. The “Lab” can be used solely for the work process or have future uses: exhibition archive, research space, laboratory of ideas for other projects, etc.


Organization of material, both tangible and intangible, according to the “conceptual drawers” of SAPIENS, creating a file that allows the organization and analysis of the potential of the heritage and the information that one has.


Generation of creative ideas in order to say in a clear and original way what you want to convey. Given our way of working, the ideas arise as a consequence of all the previous development, aimed at accessing and understanding the knowledge of the subject to be dealt with in the exhibition together with the proposed objectives.

We believe that an idea is creative and innovative not only when it is distinctive in  its originality, but also when it brings new values ​​and concepts to the company or organization that wants to present and communicate the idea.


We make volume models of the ideas, as they are a fundamental tool in organizing and visualizing all the exhibition possibilities of the various ways of placing the content. Alternatively, it allows you to “audit” the way the file is organized and works with SAPIENS.

Process log

We consider it essential to record and preserve all the documentation generated throughout the work process, therefore we organize a file with all the material made, whether they are images, videos or documents that serve both for the project, as well as for a new exhibition or a future one. (audit.)

All this material is stored in digital format on the Itineraria website itself. For this we have the Client Area.


Each work process requires the help of specialists in each subject and area in order to always seek the best results. Finding synergies between people from different disciplines is a key point when developing any creative project.

According to the needs of each case, we work with graphic designers, filmmakers, industrial designers, artists, researchers and programmers among others.

For this we have other organizations, studies and friendly companies, helping us to work more efficiently and achieve quality results

Thinknovate is the spin-off of elBullifoundation specialzing in management and innovation, bringing the Sapiens methodology closer to the business world. Its horizon is to build meaningful futures for its clients using its own and exclusive techniques developed together with Ferran Adrià.

dos][grapas is a graphic design studio in Barcelona dedicated to editorial design, web design and graphic identity. We have a team of web designers and programmers to carry out both digital and printed projects, specializing in the culture sector.

Juan González del Cerro, photographer and Art Director, specializing in documentary and gastronomic photography.

Lipikas Films is a creative studio dedicated to the production of Audiovisual Content with high technical quality and a deep aesthetic sense.

For more than 18 years we have been making audiovisual pieces designed to show the passion, values ​​and excellence of our clients, because that is also our passion and our commitment.

Amiquo, a computer company that moves in the world of technology, supporting its clients through the process of entering the digital world.

The values ​​on which it is based are: simplicity, a close and personalized treatment and an ability to adapt to the needs that may arise … its greatest asset being all those who are linked to this project.

Client Área

Web space for a digital file that has the purpose of safeguarding all the material that is generated in the projects. Each linked organization has access to its corresponding material.

It is a very useful tool as it is a virtual archive, a place for exchanging documentation and a platform for the company or organization to download material for a presentation or to be aware of the progress of the project.


In each project an original and high quality result is sought. The media varies according to each proposal and the exhibitions can be real, virtual or shown in both formats. It should be noted that the final result is not only the exhibition but also the generated file and a whole research work that makes it possible to gain a better understanding of both the subject and the organization.


Projects for elBulliFoundation


Museographic project for elBulliFoundation. Space that will house the heritage of the prestigious elBulli restaurant in order to safeguard its entire legacy and reflect on creativity and innovation at elBulli and its particular business model.


Exhibition project for elBulli1846, elBulliFoundation, space dedicated to creativity and innovation. The exhibition is organized in three parts: The first is located in the outdoor area, where different aspects relating to creativity and innovation in gastronomy and the SAPIENS methodology are explained. A second, located in the historic room and kitchen of the restaurant, dedicated to the General System of Organization and Operation of the Restaurant. Finally, a third exhibition, also in an interior space, in which interdisciplinary and intercultural relationships are shown at elBulliRestaurante.

About Itineraria

Diego Rey (Trelew – Argentina – 1979), head of Itinerary, has a degree in Plastic Arts from the National University of La Plata, a Master’s degree in Art Philosophy from the Autonomous University of Barcelona and a Master’s degree in Cultural Management from the Open University of Catalonia. His training and professional experience, both in the creative, theoretical, and management fields, have helped him to gain a broad and multidisciplinary perspective. He has received a grant from the Spanish International Cooperation Agency for master’s studies (2008-2010), an artistic production grant from the Center d’Art La Rectoria (2009) and a production grant from the Cal Gras Art Residence (2009).

As an artist he has exhibited in different spaces in America and Europe, his works have been published in international magazines and catalogues. In cultural management he carried out tasks in the Ministry of Culture of the Presidency of the Nation, Government of Argentina. He was Teaching Assistant at the Faculty of Fine Arts of the National University of La Plata (1998 – 2011). He is co-editor of the digital platform Nómade arte y Pensamiento. He is currently a permanent member of the Jury for the Residence for the creation of the Arxiu Comarcal de l’Urgell, ACUR.